Smart Finance

Bringing the Personal Touch to Financial Services

Addressing the unique needs of the finance industry

The financial world has dramatically changed in recent years and is at present without question one of the most challenged industry sectors. Increasing the productivity of staff and ensuring the security and availability of services is vital if financial institutions are to improve their efficiency, enhance their business effectiveness and provide timely and consistent customer service.

Shifting Circumstances

For firms in the finance sector it can no longer be business as usual.
Customers increasingly expect organizations to fit into how they live and want to conduct business.
Millennials lack loyalty to traditional institutions making them a challenge to attract and retain.
Then there is the rise of web-based competitors who promise convenience and economy due to their online business model.

To be and remain competitive, finance sector organizations must retool and embrace:

Unproven Business Models

Support new and untested revenue and service opportunities while quickly resolving and amending potential legacy system limitations.

Real-Time Visibility

Assimilate into a shifting environment shaped by ready accessible, connected devices, real-time apps and online competition.


Defend against detrimental situations to ensure business continuity by quickly identifying potential service and reputational disruptions.

High Availability

Whether it is banking and securities, insurance, investment management or real estate, NEC has the technology to transform the way financial organizations operate and deliver services to customers, offering comprehensive solutions that address the unique needs of the finance industry.

Integrating all communication channels and IT systems ensures that no matter how a customer chooses to approach your organisation – whether via the call centre, the branch or the web – they are met with a seamless and efficient response to their enquiry or transaction.

NEC Solutions for Finance Institutions

Innovative mobile solutions make staff reachable at all times via a single personal number no matter where they. Unified Communications enable staff to desk-share and telework to increase efficiency and job satisfaction, as well as enabling institutions to control costs by maximizing space, equipment and resources.

High Availability

Our extensive and proven infrastructure and communications solutions work to enable greater agility through increased control.

Adaptive Collaboration

With our collaborative solutions highly-connected organizations are created where internal talent and resources can respond quickly to customer inquiries and internal queries. Our messaging and collaboration solutions result in a smarter more responsive environment by helping to:

Optimize performance

Synchronized services are realized with end-to-end workflows capable of linking services and information between dispersed organizational and geographic locations. Our trusted cloud-based solutions deliver advanced, self-service automation with billing certainty and advanced integration.

Redefine accessibility

Robust voice features and sophisticated unified communications and collaboration applications enable workers to self manage how, when and where to be reached while flexible call routing dispatches callers promptly and accurately.

Distribute insight

Data gathered from centralized and disparaged systems become time-sensitive alerts for better insight into customer needs and services being provided.

Infrastructure Management

Through our data management solutions information becomes protected yet accessible. Our data technologies provide the reliability needed to support information-intensive workloads by helping to:

Manage information

Large volumes of data become securely stored and backed up using our scalable, resilient and highly efficient grid and SAN storage or cloud-based infrastructure as a service solutions.

Simplify control

Automation and simplification of network administration becomes possible and easier to monitor and manage with our software-defined networking controllers and switches.

Assure continuity

Critical information becomes highly available when supported by our modular five 9’s redundancy server hardware components.

Security Measures

Creating an environment that is safe for personnel while also guarding against the potential loss of valued assets is achievable with our advanced recognition systems and our infrastructure solutions. Our technologies enable the protective practices needed by helping to:

Monitor individuals

By tracking on-site activity our technologies enable individuals to be monitored as they enter and move about corporate facilities and publically accessible locations.

Protect staff

Should employees find themselves at risk our notification solutions identify their precise location enabling immediate and appropriate action to be taken.

Safeguard assets

Loss prevention of critical assets becomes possible through our solutions capable of storing mission-critical data and monitoring and managing mission-critical infrastructure.